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Sera has been my Midwife for 3 of my babies in the past 5 years. Her place in my life is invaluable and immensely important to me. Her attention to detail, kind nature, incredible wisdom, desire to learn from every experience and organized yet organic structure makes me feel confident in our decisions made together. She listens to her clients and treats them each with respect fro the unique individuals that they are.  I trust her immeasurably and have so much respect for her both personally and professionally. I have recommended her countless times to mammas looking to homebirth and I know that she caters to each of her families with warmth and respect. 

DW, East Hampton CT 

Waterbirth, VBAC, Breech 

I met Sera when I was still in the first trimester of my twins pregnancy. I was trying to do dual care with my ob and midwives, but as I got to about 19 weeks, the doctors put demands on my delivery that I wasn't comfortable with. Sera and the other midwives always made me feel like I knew what I was doing as a mom and that I knew how to listen to my body.  Sera always helped me to know how babies were positioned and made sure I was doing the right things at home to help encourage babies to stay in good positions. When it was go time with the twins, Sera had been checking in on me for a few weeks and we were joking about when they would come. During labor and delivery she was a calming non intrusive presence as she watched over all three of us. We had plans in place in case we needed to go to the hospital, but the midwives had my back even with a little extra bleeding at the end. Never once did I feel like they didn't know how to handle a situation, nor did my husband. Even the weeks after, with home visits, Sera helped us in so many ways. We know she invests so much in each client and truly loves and cares for each and every family she serves. Highly recommend!!

--JW, Bristol CT

Twin pregnancy, waterbirth

The first time Sera attended me was for my second birth, my first homebirth. I was rather skittish then, made distrustful by a previous traumatic hospital birth; I insisted that no one lay a finger on me, I didn't even want supplies brought into the birthing room. Sera respected me – and I could feel that not only did she respect my words and wishes, but that her action of acquiescence came from a place of deep respect for me as a person, as a woman and a fellow mother. That birth transformed me and healed me in a profound way. Through the course of 3 pregnancies and births Sera has built me up with her quiet, steadfast trust in the human body and the wisdom of women. She has held me in spirit with her peaceful, grounding energy through the ups and downs of pregnancy and the renewal of motherhood. She has listened to me, believed me, affirmed me, guided me, and earned my trust so deeply that at my recent fourth birth I brought my daughter into the world holding Sera's hands – she was exactly what I needed in that moment, the true embodiment of the midwife. Sera is a woman of strong moral character, her care is superb and highly informed, and she truly has a primal connection to the needs of women in this season of life.

--E K. Barkhamstead CT


Sera provided us with such a tremendous and beautiful sense of empowerment and comfort from the day we met her. When we found out our little family was about to grow, we had no doubt in our mind a more natural, holistic approach, rooted at home was for us. I was so enlightened throughout the whole process and because of the encouragement of our midwives, we had the most beautiful birthing experience we could have ever imagined! Our family will be eternally grateful for her love, strength, and support.

--Allison and Marian, Lebanon CT

Waterbirth, First baby

I can't say enough about my experience with Sera as my midwife. She helped me create the vision and experience I had dreamed of from the comforting and non-rushed prenatal visits, to the after hours support, and an absolutely peaceful and personal birth experience. When I needed it, she offered me words of encouragement and support but also knew when a just a hug, silence or space were needed. She is wise beyond her years and the type of soul that I want to be around as much I can. I highly highly recommend Sera's midwifery knowledge and practice. -Abby S.  Woodstock, CT Waterbirth

Sera provided us with an incredible wealth of knowledge and comfort when we decided to have our first child at home. When it came time to birth, I could always feel her presence but she let me do my thing and only checked on me at just the right times. She helped me feel empowered, allowed me to make my own decisions while gently providing advice, and supported me through the first few months of being a mom and learning to breastfeed. My family and I are so grateful for her.

--JE, Ellington CT

Waterbirth, First Baby

My home birth was a beautiful and empowering experience. Sera is unlike any midwife you will ever meet. She was there to help me feel strong, competent, and to trust myself and my inner strength. Her love and care for each and every mother she sees goes above and beyond what you would ever expect. She devotes her time, attention and strength to you. Sera is nothing short of remarkable and she represents the true meaning of what it is to be a midwife.

- EC, Windsor CT


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