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Primal Roots Midwifery Mission

It is my vision that every woman be treated with dignity and respect during her pregnancy and birth, and that by taking responsibility for her care and choices, she births where and with who she desires.


I believe that we women are divinely created to birth our babies in strength and joy.


I strive to foster an environment that is physically and emotionally safe by honoring your choices, wishes, and desires in order to empower you to take control of your childbirth experience.  


It is my honor and pleasure to provide you with the information, support and opportunity to do so. 


Meet the Midwife

Sera Gadbois, CPM 

Sera has been part of the home birth community in Connecticut serving families of all structures and backgrounds since 2007.  Her experience and skill set from over 500 births includes "low-risk" pregnancy as well as Breech, Twins, IVF pregnancy and many other special circumstances.


Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is close to her heart as she herself was her mothers first vaginally born baby after two c-sections (VBA2C).  Having had a deep religious upbringing, Sera appreciates serving families of faith. She is passionate about family, faith, bodily autonomy, medical freedom and individual liberty.  She is especially interested in the gut-brain connection, the immune system, and the body's ability to obtain optimal health and prevent illness through nutrition and lifestyle.


 Sera lives in Eastern Connecticut on a small homestead with her husband and their 5 radically unschooled children, spanning 19 years to 12 months old, four of whom were born at home. She enjoys reading, collecting books, gardening, canning, eating meat, lifting weights, and creating meaningful connections in her community. 

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