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Midwife in CT for Waterbirth and vbac

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance plan pay for your services? 

The short answer is, "It Depends".

The insurance industry centers the medical model of care and does not value the amount of time we spend with our clients, nor the focus on the prevention of problems. Additionally, Connecticut does not offer licensure for Certified Professional Midwives and this makes it impossible to become an "in-network" provider. However, if your plan has "out of network" benefits, you may be able to receive reimbursement after the birth for the payments you have made. Thus, our clients pay up front for our services and we help them submit for reimbursement after care is complete. Clients and potential clients who would like to submit for reimbursement are required to have our Biller perform a Verification of benefits first to assess the plan. Please click HERE to have this done and learn what your policy will cover. 

How are your services paid for? 

I charge an all inclusive flat fee for services and ask to be paid by 36 weeks.  Payment can be made with cash, check, HSA or FSA funds.  This covers all of your prenatal care, the birth, postpartum care for both you and baby, and a birth tub rental. I do not charge extra for complications handled or equipment used, nor do I reimburse for births that occur in the hospital. 

What if I transfer to the Hospital, do you stop seeing me and reimburse me? 

I continue to care for you even in the event that a transfer becomes necessary. Continuity of care is priceless. I continue postpartum care as usual. No refunds are issued regardless of where the birth occurs. The flat fee covers what I am  available for, not what I actually do.  Some clients begin care at 8 weeks, some at 32. Some clients have short labors, some long. Some clients have uneventful "easy" births, some experience complications that are handled professionally at home. Some clients transfer care to a hospital during their labor.  Sometimes I use very little equipment, sometimes  all of it. Some clients need extra postpartum care, some do not.

I do not charge extra nor do I refund based on individual circumstances. 

Does HUSKY cover your services? 

Unfortunately HUSKY only covers in-network providers and they will not allow CPM's in their network. I encourage folks with HUSKY to apply for financing through United Medical Credit. Although I want to help everyone access Midwifery care, and do offer discounted fees and payment plans, I am not a lender. Clients who are not eligible for financing through UMC have had success fundraising on GoFundMe in the past. 

Do you offer Home Visits? 

All clients are booked for at least one prenatal home visit, typically at 36 weeks. All visits in the first week after birth are also done in your home.  Clients who live closer to my home than the office will be offered more home visits.  I understand that some clients have circumstances that would benefit from exclusive in-home care. Please inquire about exclusive in home care for your unique situation. 

Do you do ultrasounds or order labs? 

I collaborate with other independent and hospital based radiology practices for ultrasounds.  They are in-network with all of the major insurance companies and your plan will be billed as such.  

Primal Roots uses LabCorp for routine labs; they too, are in-network with all of the major insurance providers. 

What if I want my baby circumcised? 

I believe that every person has a right to bodily autonomy, babies included. Additionally, as an evidence based care provider, I must point out that there is no medical reason to circumcise an infant.  If you thoroughly look into the procedure, you will quickly learn how unnecessary and harmful it is. I provide care to women that helps them to keep their body whole in the absence of a valid medical reason, and I ask you to do the same for your perfect baby.

There are plenty of providers in the state who can be paid to hurt your baby, or support you in doing so, but I am not one of them. 

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