"Risking out" of Home-birth

While home birth is typically thought of for only "low risk" pregnancies, very little information is available regarding how risk is determined. Here is a handy breakdown of conditions that would require consultation, referral or transfer of care. Contraindications for Home Birth I do not assume primary care of clients with the following conditions: Active TB Heart or Lung Disease Liver or Kidney Disease Cancer Bleeding disorders Any other major medical problem or congenital abnormality that affects childbearing. What if something comes up in the pregnancy? Some conditions may arise during pregnancy that may lead to a recommended consultation with another practitioner or specialist. With car

Small Adjustments for a Healthy Pregnancy

While I do not expect my clients to drastically change their lifestyle for pregnancy, here are a few small steps you can take to a healthier you during your pregnancy. See your midwife early in pregnancy Keep your appointments Get treatment for all infections Reduce stress Meditation, Mindfulness techniques, Be active Yoga, exercise, walking Get plenty of rest Think twice about medications, ask your Midwife for recommended alternatives. Stay away from harmful substances Quit smoking Eliminate caffeine and alcohol Avid fish with high amounts of mercury Assign the chore of cleaning the litterbox to someone else if you have cats Think safety first Eat a balanced diet (pregnancy is not a time to

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